Tips for Enhancing Relationship

  • Discover and do things that help your spouse feel loved.
  • Stay current. Don’t let the list of unresolved problems grow.
  • Tell your spouse your feelings, wants and needs.
  • Ask questions expecting answers.
  • Validate each other’s issues and feelings. It really doesn’t mean you
    have to agree.
  • Treat each other as adults.
  • Keep dating.
  • Attend to your own health physically, emotionally, intellectually and
  • Ask for and grant true forgiveness.
  • Become a cheerleader for your spouse.
  • Complement your spouse in front of others.
  • Be ready to give if you expect to receive. But only give what you can
  • Talk to a friend who can hold you accountable to invest in your marriage.
  • Refuse to indulge poisonous, critical thoughts about your spouse or marriage.
  • Join or start a couple’s group.
  • Read a book on marriage with your spouse.
  • Pursue a common interest/hobby with your spouse.
  • Don’t tell your spouse what on this list they need to do. They are
    for you.